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  • What are the prices for the Web Design services?
    All our Web Design Services are custom designed to your specific requirement. This means our prices are determined after we discuss the extent of the project with you. We offer affordable Web Design services for small businesses and brand and you can find our starting prices on our pricing page.
  • Do you offer refunds on your services?
    No, we do not provide refunds on our services as we prepare custom designed solutions for our clients. This means that we put in time and effort to make sure you get the best value for your money.
  • What does '1st Year Free Support' mean?
    We provide Web Design services to Small Businesses and Brands. This means providing the best value for affordable prices. To further support Small Businesses we offer '1st Year Free Support', which means we will be there to help guide you with all your queries related to the web design platform for your website. Additionally, we also provide 'Minor Changes' throughout this period.
  • What are 'Minor Changes' in Free Support?
    We provide 'Minor Changes' throughout the Free Support period. As a complimentary service, Minor Changes are limited to 1 'set' of updates per month with a maximum of 15 changes per 'set'. Please note that 'Minor Changes' does not include addition of more pages, new sections/layouts, revamps, etc. You can however, change the texts, images and links in existing layouts and pages.
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